The World’s TOP List Of Buses

This is a list of the TOP buses in the world that have inspired many body designs in the world, which do you think is the most interesting?

Top List Buses in the World

Many of the best bus products born from the European continent include Travego, Setra, Scania, Irizar, Neoplan, Lion Coach, Volvo and many more.
Almost all of these buses have their respective advantages both in terms of character designs and also the existing features of these buses.

Then what about the world’s TOP list of buses, let’s see the order from position seven to one as the world’s best bus.

Volvo 9700

The Volvo 9700 has been named the seventh best bus in the world.
The Volvo 9700 bus model is considered smooth and rarely made by local Indonesian bodybuilders, perhaps because it looks classic and simple.

The Volvo 9700 earned the nickname “The Conservative” which may mean simple or traditional.
This can be seen from the simple model, not adventurous or tacky.

With this simple design concept, the Volvo 9700 has become the bus company’s choice to choose it because a model like this will be more durable over time.

This Volvo bus model is not seasonal, which only looks “wow” when it first appears, but is still pleasing to the eye even though new competing bus models have appeared.

Irizar PB

Irizar PB is a bus variant from the Spanish body which is famous for its luxury bus model because from its exterior appearance alone, the Irisar PB already reflects a luxury that is different from other bus models.

This bus is very popular, not only on the European continent but also in Indonesia, it is proven that many big POs like PO Nusantara, Nusa Indah and others like the Irizar model made by the Adi Putro body and the New Armada.

Irizar PB is nicknamed “The Luxury” because of the many variants of Irizar, perhaps the most famous for premium class buses is the Irisar PB series, so this bus is very suitable for use as special buses representing luxury in the class of five-star hotels. Irizar PB ranks right sixth in the seven best buses in the world.

Lion’s Coach

Lion’s Coach ranks fifth in the world’s seven best buses, Lion’s Coach is a bus made by MAN which is well known as a truck and bus manufacturer from Germany.

Lion’s Coach offers reliability, comfort, safety, and economy which are the selling points of several autobus companies in Europe, where MAN Lion’s Coach provides a sense of trust and a sense of security on the well-known MAN chassis and engine. It is proven that PO Nusantara Kudus also purchased the MAN R37 triple axle chassis to strengthen its fleet.

“The Guard” A suitable nickname for Lion’s Coach because this bus model is able to survive in the competition between other big companies around the world.

Scania Touring

Scania Touring occupies the fourth position in the selection of the seven best buses in the world, a fierce and fierce impression radiates from the Scania Touring bus model which is also one of the popular bus models in Indonesia besides the Travego.

Where the Scania Touring model was adopted as Scorpion King by the Tentrem body so that the car body from East Java could be side by side with the big bodies in Indonesia and become famous in the car body industry in Indonesia.

Scania Touring got the nickname “The Explorer” because the character of this bus is very suitable for adventure or as a tourism fleet. Apart from that, the Scania Touring rear lamp trend has also become a very big influence for inspiring the development of Indonesian buses.

Neoplan Starliner

Neoplan Starliner took third place in the selection of the world’s seven best buses. This Starliner bus model is indeed very unique and looks different from other bus models.

Starliner has a strong character that can be seen from the front view of this bus, which is wide and large.
apart from that features convenience, security.
In addition, there are additional features that are very interesting, namely the panoramic view from the glass roof top, which certainly adds a high selling point.

In addition, the Neoplan Starliner has a wide window at the front of the bus so it is perfect for enjoying the scenery while on a trip for tourism.

The nickname “The Legend” that is pinned may be very suitable because this bus can become a legend by bringing the strong soul of the legend emanating from the headlamp design line and wide glass making it the best choice for bus companies to choose this model.


Setra is the brother of Travego under the evobus flag because Setra and Travego are standing under the same roof.
Setra is a bus that has a very strong character style, especially in the scarf model

a, apart from the headlamp model that we can find on the Legacy Sky Laksana body.
Even the Setra bus model has become popular in Indonesia, it is proven that many local car bodies make the same model as the original.

“The Stylish” is the nickname attached to this bus model because the setra model has been attached since its inaugural appearance until now.
It is proven that the new Setra Top Class did a model refresh in 2013 this shows that the Setra model can cross space and time even though there are many interesting new bus models but the Setra model remains the choice, therefore Setra gets the second position in the selection of the best bus world.


Now, of the many bus models in the world, the winner in the selection of the seven best buses in the world is Setra’s sibling, “The Masterpiece” TRAVEGO.
There is no need to explain at length why Travego is the best of the best, of course fellow bus fans already have an assessment of why Travego is number one in the world.

So what do you think about the selection of the world’s seven list of buses? Is it appropriate or do you have your own preferred order to choose the champion ??
Please comment and state the reason.

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