Famous Cartoon Characters And Their Voice Actors

Even though it’s just a cartoon character, the character still needs a voice actor. It takes someone who has a character voice to be able to fill the voice of the character. But don’t think that being a cartoon voice actor is an easy job. Actors and voice actors still have to be able to adjust their voices to their emotional state and circumstances to sound just right. This is not an easy job. Try listening to the voices of Cartoon characters like Spongebob or Scooby Doo, sounds just right, doesn’t it? Can’t imagine if the character is filled by someone else. Are you curious about the voice actors of your favorite cartoon characters? These are the voice actors.

Tom Kenny – Spongebob Squarepants

It is square, yellow in color, and lives underwater in a pineapple house. Who is it? That’s SpongeBob SquarePants. This cute character became the main character of the American cartoon series SpongeBob SquarePants. SpongeBob SquarePants began airing on the Nickelodeon channel in 1999. Until now, a total of 262 episodes from 12 seasons.

An entertaining cartoon character and show, SpongeBob SquarePants was created by Stephen Hillenburg for Nickelodeon. Of course, cartoon characters like SpongeBob must be filled with character voices. Therefore, Tom Kenny was chosen to be the voice of SpongeBob. Not only the cartoon series, Kenny also voices for the film version.

Kevin Conroy – Batman

Fans of the Batman character have their own idol figure who is considered appropriate to play the hero of the city of Gotham. Of the many actors who have played and played as Batman, there is one figure whose voice is considered the most perfect to be the voice of Bruce Wayne and Batman.

The figure is Kevin Conroy. Conroy has been the voice of Batman since 1990 in the show Batman: The Animated Series. Several cartoon series featuring Batman, he was also chosen to be the voice actor. And when the comic Batman: The Killing Joke wanted to be filmed. his name became the first to voice Bruce Wayne and Batman.

Mark Hamill – Joker

The Joker is a very iconic evil figure in DC Comics comics. He is the mortal enemy of Batman. Previously, it was explained that the person in charge of voicing Bruce Wayne and Batman in the Batman cartoon series was Kevin Conroy. Of course for the Joker, an actor who has the right voice is needed to voice The Clown Prince of Crime.

And the chosen figure is Mark Hamill. For the Joker character, Hamill realized that he had to create the right voice to make this Joker character stronger. As a result, you can see for yourself in Batman: Animated Series, Batman: The Killing Joke, and even in video games, Hamill was chosen to be the voice of the Joker.

Robin Williams – Genie

The story of Aladdin is one of the many classic fairy tales from Disney in the One Thousand and One Nights story. Tells the story of Aladdin’s journey to find a magic lamp in which stores a blue genie figure that can grant all kinds of requests. However, the request is limited to only 3.

This interesting story was then made into a cartoon version in 1992. Several actors and artists were chosen to fill each important character in the Aladdin cartoon, including the character Genie the genie. For this Genie character, the blue genie is voiced by a famous legendary comedian, Robin Williams.

Charles Martinet – Mario

Next Famous Cartoon Characters And Their Voice Actors. Don’t tell Nintendo fans if you don’t know Mario’s character. Mario and Luigi are the main characters of the video game Super Mario created by Nintendo. Not only that, by Nintendo, Mario and Luigi were made mascots. From video games, Mario and Luigi are then animated to entertain more people.

Mario’s signature voice is that of Charles Martinet. That person is responsible for voicing Mario and Luigi. Not only in the game but also in animation, he has voiced the two iconic characters from the very first. In several game and Comic Con events, Martinet often comes and enliven the event.

Wayne Allwin – Micky Mouse

When you talk about famous cartoon characters, you definitely have to include the Micky Mouse character. This black mouse character in red pants is the mascot of Walt Disney, a major animation company in the world. The people who created this character were Walt Disney himself and Ub Iweks.

Micky Mouse was created by the two of them in 1928 and until now, the character continues to entertain people. Whether it’s old, young, female, or male, Micky Mouse is a spectacle for all ages and genders. People who become lovers

Voiced by Micky Mouse Wayne Allwin. After Allwin died in 2009, the task of voicing was given to Bret Iwan.

Melvin Jerome Blank – Bugs Bunny

“What’s up, doc?”, do you remember that sentence? That sentence is a sentence that Bugs Bunny often utters. Bugs Bunny is a cartoon character in the form of a rabbit who is very mischievous and intelligent. He often pranks his friends around him and pranks people who want to catch him.

Created by Ben Hardaway, Chuck Jones, Tex Avery, Bob Clampett, Robert McKimson, and Bob Givens, Bugs Bunny was born in the late 1930s. In 1988, the cartoon show Bugs Bunny was very popular, and the voice actor at that time was Mel Blanc. Blanc not only voices Bugs Bunny, but also Tweety, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, and many more.

Jack Mercer – Popeye

When we were little, our parents often taught us not to be afraid and lazy to eat green vegetables. The reason is, because diligently eating green vegetables can make a strong body as strong as Popeye. Yes, even though the reason is not quite right, this Popeye character has succeeded in inspiring children to become strong by eating vegetables.

Popeye is a cartoon character created by Elzie Crisler Segar. Popeye first appeared on the small screen in 1929. You can imagine how old this cartoon is. In 1935, the first person to voice Popeye was Jack Mercer. After Mercer, several actors also voiced Popeye such as William Costello and the late Robin Williams.

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Scott Innes – Scooby Doo&Scrappy Doo

Horror-themed films have succeeded in making many people afraid of terrible figures such as ghosts, monsters, and so on. But there is one cartoon show that actually motivates people to dare to face terrible creatures. The cartoon is titled Scooby Doo. Tells the story of a group of 4 people and 1 dog who solve mystery cases.

A dog named Scooby Doo is quite interesting. He can talk like a human and a coward. Miraculously, it was he and his friend Shaggy who became the key in solving the mystery case. The first voice actor for Scooby Doo was Don Messick. Then the task was continued by Scott Innes. Not only Scooby Doo, Scott Innes is also the voice of Scrappy Doo, Scooby’s nephew who is actually brave.

Dan Castellaneta – Homer Simpsons

Last Famous Cartoon Characters And Their Voice Actors. Homer Simpsons is one of the main characters in the cartoon series The Simpsons. The cartoon series is regularly broadcast on Fox and contains satirical depictions of ordinary American life. And one of those ordinary people is the Simpsons family which consists of Homer, Marge, Bart Lisa, and Maggie.

The creator of all the characters of The Simpsons is Matt Groening. However, Matt Groening is not the person behind the voice of Homer’s character. Instead, Homer’s voice is Dan Castellaneta. From the beginning of the episode of The Simpsons that aired in 1989 until now, Dan Castellaneta has remained faithful to be the voice of the annoying yellow figure.

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